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Machine to Machine

The human being as network “Super-Operator” - when machines communicate directly with one another ...

There are thousands of applications in the machine to machine (M2M) world right now:

  • M2M in smart apartments and building control
  • M2M in automatic billing for shopping
  • M2M in improving health and fitness
  • M2M in tracking of people, property and vehicles
  • M2M in intelligent traffic control in cities and highways
  • M2M in networked buildings with security

The list of categories using wireless M2M communication is exploding, and the rate of explosion itself is increasing.

Can we even imagine what other possibilities and profits are waiting for us to try? One thing is certain: we human beings must intervene immediately if any M2M communication is poorly planned or interrupted. As in almost all other areas of life, prior planning is the key to M2M reliability.

If you have any questions about how to make M2M a trusted piece of your business, we are here for you!

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