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Event Organizers

Be right in the middle of things – also from far away!

Participation in a Formula 1 race, a grand concert or a multi-day festival is not always possible for everyone. Sometimes it is time or money constraints, sometimes physical ones, which make participation impossible - or you just don´t get any tickets. It can be even more fun if the event is broadcasted live!

The live experience from a distance should of course not be “clouded” by image or sound transmission errors. One reason for such incidents may be e.g. Jamming transmitters that interfere with radio transmission of microphones and cameras.

In times of public viewing and broadcasting of e.g. operas to public places, not only the transmission of sound and image do play a crucial role. The protection of visitors and VIPs can also be drastically increased with radio monitoring. For example, a radio protective bell can prevent the triggering of remote-controlled detonation objects in the vicinity of a place or a moving object (for example a vehicle).

Regardless of whether you want to make your event experienceable for everyone, or whether the most important thing is personal protection. We will be happy to help you organize your event smoothly, whether live or from afar.

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