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Ports and Hubs

Moving and distributing goods in time – no matter whether people or products

Approach radar and airfield radar are probably the most sensitive areas of radio communication at an airport - a large number of other wireless networks can still be found there. But also ports rely on functioning wireless communication, especially in the control center of a terminal.

Blackouts and interference in these important radio networks can have far-reaching consequences. Disturbances in the reception of the radar can easily lead to a closed airport; which is not a pleasant experience at all, especially during peak traveling seasons. The blackout of a container terminal due to mutually interfering radio networks can also be assigned to the same category of experience.

Professional frequency planning, long-term radio measurements and automated alarms in the case of radio disturbances contribute to the fact that such experiences no longer occur, or disturbances have at least only small, short-term effects. We are happy to advise you where and how many measuring stations you need to ensure smooth radio communication.

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