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Reliable frequency requires precise knowledge of the current frequency usage - anytime, anywhere

The issuing and allocation of licenses is the task of regulatory authorities. Using only planning and licensing database information can lead to remarkable interference and problems within the radio spectrum usage. This applies to e.g. co-ordination along borders with neighboring countries, temporary allocation of licenses for special events, or the use of white spots in the frequency spectrum, called "whitespaces".

If a whitespace database is based on pure planning data, without taking into account the actual utilization of the radio spectrum, chaos in the spectrum usage is inevitable - especially in the case of temporary license issuing. The application areas of the various users, all in the faith to use the spectrum correctly, collide in their utilization. Radio networks work only to a limited extent - and the resulting deferral or blocking of time-critical data can lead to considerable accidents (autonomous driving) or delays (transport companies).

A professional, automated spectrum inventory with automatic data exchange to the frequency planning database is the basis for a noise-free usage of the radio spectrum, especially if there are a high number of users involved. Temporal snapshots for all users of wireless networks are essential for this – including the dynamic assessment for new radio services such as autonomous driving or flying (drones).

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