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Automation has just begun...

Nowadays, more and more transport and logistics companies as well as companies in passenger transport rely on wireless communication. Traffic warnings directly into the car, automated toll systems for logistics companies, real-time information on train delays: all this is just the beginning of automated processes in the field of transportation.

But those topics are also relevant for other people involved - be it other participants in road traffic or travelers in bus, train and airplane. In the past, many a traffic accidents or train accidents have been caused by erroneous function of wireless communication, e.g. because of dead zones on railway tracks or highways, or faulty vehicle electronics, which triggers airbags without reason or prevents braking. In future, the number of transportation applications relying on such technologies will rise significantly. For this reason, it is essential to create a solid and flawlessly functioning network today.

By means of permanent and automated measurement of the radio coverage, e.g. an automatic alerting of supply gaps can be achieved - thus various risks can be significantly minimized. We would be pleased to advise you on the other benefits that Monitoring-as-a-Service can bring to you.

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