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Why monitoring the radio network?

If you don’t have monitoring devices and/or monitoring experience in-house, Vision2Comm is your partner of choice.

Monitoring your radio network can:

To improve reliability, we:

  • Detect and report interference instantly
  • Locate and analyze the reasons for interference
  • Improve performance and reliability
  • Prevent costly communication failures
  • Gather the monitoring data
  • Analyze the data
  • Report about the data
  • Keep the data for trend analysis

Our service begins with analysis of possible problems and causes of radio and WiFi interference, including selection of suitable methods and equipment choices (such as measurement technology), defines the measuring operation itself, and ends with creation of reports from the recorded measurement data. We also provide you with recommendations for the elimination of interference and implement them should you wish to rectify the problems we find.

Our Services in Detail

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The Internet of Things is based on the idea of permanent network connection. Make sure that this idea becomes reality!


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is the communication of the future. Build a solid basis for it!

Industry 4.0

Make sure that small or short interference in the communication network does not lead to considerable downtime in your production line!


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