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Smart Factories

Efficiency and security at their best – that´s the perfect smart factory...

An increasing number of companies in various industries are constantly optimizing their production processes. The most well-known example is the automotive industry, which has to cope with the increasingly complex demands on the model diversity in combination with simpler operation during production and shorter delivery times to the end customer.

Even if the automation already achieves unbelievable efficiency increases, even short radio interference can lead to production losses and standstill of the production lines - in the worst case over several hours. The coordination and counter-control between the systems can be impaired, so that the downstream processes are not triggered, or only with a strong delay. Also for a chemical company, the experience of radio interference preventing an alarm at the control center can have devastating consequences. Not only does loss of sales play a role in this context - the welfare of the employees and the surrounding nature are also at stake here.

In many respects, and for all companies that carry out production and automation using radio links, a permanent and automated measurement of the radio networks is a highly relevant security issue. Even the smallest disturbance and the shortest blackout can be counter-steered immediately thanks to automatic alarming. We are looking forward to developing a concept for your specific scenario, helping you to succeed with your perfect smart factory.

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