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Delivery without gaps - the ideal world of utilities

No matter whether you supply water, electricity, gas or other goods to your customers – they do expect a continuous and stable supply. Most probably, your supply chain currently contains some functions based on a wireless radio link already. Looking at the end customer, so-called SmartMeter are installed at their homes in order to automatically and wirelessly communicate about the consumption. If you look into the future, many more "smart" solutions will probably be used by you as a supplier, but also by your customers.

Therefore, make sure that your supply is not affected by radio interference. Such perturbations can e.g. lead to the fact that water levels can no longer be read and the control of the pumps is therefore blocked.

If the radio connection is permanently and in an automated way monitored for failures and faults, you can react at the very first alarm. We will be pleased to analyze together with you in which areas radio monitoring can be useful for you. Contact us anytime!

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