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Our Services

If you don’t have monitoring devices and/or monitoring experience in-house, Vision2Comm is your partner of choice.

Whether you want to detect and eliminate existing interference or protect your network from interference we can gather and analyze the required data for you, store the results in reports, and define solutions for radio interference resolution. Depending on your needs, you can enjoy temporary, limited 24/7 or full 365-days-a-year support for your network. Let us know and we will be there for you anytime you need us.

Why monitoring the radio network?

If you don’t have monitoring devices and/or monitoring experience in-house, Vision2Comm is your partner of choice.

Monitoring your radio network can:

To improve reliability, we:

  • Detect and report interference instantly
  • Locate and analyze the reasons for interference
  • Improve performance and reliability
  • Prevent costly communication failures
  • Gather the monitoring data
  • Analyze the data
  • Report about the data
  • Keep the data for trend analysis

Our service begins with analysis of possible problems and causes of radio and WiFi interference, including selection of suitable methods and equipment choices (such as measurement technology), defines the measuring operation itself, and ends with creation of reports from the recorded measurement data. We also provide you with recommendations for the elimination of interference and implement them should you wish to rectify the problems we find.

Our Services in Detail

Find out more about the fields where we can support you:


The Internet of Things is based on the idea of permanent network connection. Make sure that this idea becomes reality!


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication is the communication of the future. Build a solid basis for it!

Industry 4.0

Make sure that small or short interference in the communication network does not lead to considerable downtime in your production line!


5G, the new radio - more bandwidth for even quicker data transmission?

Customer Use Cases

Ensure optimal operation of your wireless communication networks.

No matter how well-qualified your staff or vendors may be, Vision2Comm with its thousands of man-years of experience in every branch of wireless and network communications can always recommend optimizations and identify possible points of failure, from equipment aging to power protection to more efficient use of spectrum.

Manufacturers and Utilities are rapidly experiencing increasing demand for fail-safe operation of their wireless communication networks. Most other businesses face similar questions and challenges regarding wireless communication: the whole field of "Industry 4.0" requires planning to day for tomorrow’s wireless communication with their infrastructure. Whereas large transport and logistics companies, ports and airports are already dependent on what Vuision2Comm provides, ensuring efficient workflows, command and control, personnel and materials tracking is quickly spreading into organizations dealing with security, prisons, large event management law enforcement, traffic management and hundreds of other areas.

Detailed Customer Use Cases

It is never too soon to ask how Vision2Comm can help you optimize what you have and plan for the future!

Smart Factories

Automation in production leads to unbelievable efficiency increases. Learn why radio monitoring is a crucial factor for that.


In order to ensure constant supply, wireless networks are of good use. But why monitoring those networks? We can give you the answer.


The fields of application of wireless radio networks within the transportation industry is increasing heavily. Make sure you rely on a solid and flawlessly functioning network!

Ports and Hubs

Protect the most sensitive areas of radio communication at your port or airport and make sure you don´t suffer from blackouts.


Keep control of who communicates with whom and get systematic control of the communication and the connection paths.

Event Organizers

Make sure you rely on interference-free broadcasting of live events, and protect the visitors and VIP´s at your event.

First Responders

Make sure you don´t risk any downtimes or dead zones when using your first responder radio network.


Learn more about why spectrum allocation should be based on current frequency usage - and not only on planning data.